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Ego is an art project that explores new ground in photographic self-portraiture. Sabrina Lauriston is interested in using colour pinhole photography to try and depict the true nature, of real emotions.

So often in life we put up a wall to guard our real emotions. We put on the bright smile, when in reality we are feeling vulnerable inside. As a professional photographer Lauriston knows only too well that the self we present to the camera is a version we want other people to see. Ego is a project that questions what would happen if you removed the photographer from the equation? What if you left the subject alone with their emotions and nothing but a pinhole camera pointed at them?

Sabrina Lauriston decided to experiment on herself first. She set up the pin hole camera in her studio, allowing for a lengthy exposure time. Sabrina understood that the exposure time would mean any movement she made would blur the image, and thus render her unrecognisable and the image abstracted. Sabrina soon discovered there is freedom in abstraction. Freedom to release your emotions, to be alone, to move, to be yourself, to be uninhibited.

The result is a series of tone rich abstract photographs.  Each capturing a different emotion, a unique experience that Sabrina reached for when she laid herself bare. Sabrina describes the photography shoots as exhausting. Willingly pulling out of herself her raw emotions, her hurt, her pain, her fears, her frustrations, her joy, left her depleted. But it was a process she also describes as cathartic.

Ego is an experimental photographic project that will encourage audiences to think about what a photograph can capture about a person and what it cannot. It will question how photography and art can be used as a tool to help people to express their true emotions, to break down the façade people present to others, and just be themselves, without their guard up.