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A Life Behind

A Life Behind was a portrait project undertaken by artist Sabrina Lauriston in 2013. The exhibition features black and white film photographs taken by Lauriston on her old rolliecord camera.  A life Behind features striking images of beauty, truth and wisdom. The exhibition celebrates people who have lived rich and full lives, and whose faces have a story to tell.

Lauriston has captured her subjects within their own environment, revealing what lies beyond their face, offering a glimpse in to their private lives and inner selves. Laying cluses to who they are and what makes them unique.

A Life Behind provided Lauriston, a recent migrant form Italy, the opportunity to meet and connect with people in her new home town of Bundaberg, Queensland. Struggling with the cultural and language differences, the project provided her with the opportunity to use the visual language of photography to communicate, connect and express herself.  A Life Behind was the impetus to turn strangers into friends, and a place into a home.

A Life Behind is a celebration of lives, and of community.

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